Aug 1, 2017
The Best Sacramento SEO Money Can Buy

When it comes to choosing which Sacramento SEO agency to work with, you have several options. Any joker can spend 15 minutes slapping together a website that has the same "discovery form" copied verbatim from another SEO agency. But ask yourself how creative will they be when you pay them to go to work for you? If all they do is copy their competitors to make their own websites, then they will do the same thing for you.

It is important that you truly work with innovators. Call around and you will notice a big difference between a real SEO expert and someone who knows just enough to BS business owners desperate to improve their declining online rankings. You have to be careful because these companies will say anything to make a buck. Guarantees mean nothing for these guys because there is no guarantee they will be in business next year. Using a tool like SEMRush you can quickly check out a potential agency and see how what rankings their own website has and how well they do SEO for themselves. If they haven't been doing it for long or their own business website does not rank high for their own keywords then chances are they won't be able to do anything for you either.

It isn't just money you can waste with the wrong marketing agency it is time too. Also, you can save yourself a lot of frustration by working with a strong agency from the get go. Besides, do you really want to risk getting penalized because you decided to work with some 40-something neckbeard who uses shady black hat tactics that will screw up your domain's future rankings for life?

Give us a call at AdInfusion. We practice what we preach. Inbound marketing, SEO, social media platforms... these aren't just buzzwords - they are a way of life! See what a difference working with a professional SEO expert vs snake oil salesmen that can't even dominate their own niche.

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